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Basketball is not only about hoops and dunks !

Let's dribble down the street !

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On the road to your favorite playground, only your dribble skills can help you run down the street without losing your ball !

  • Feel like dribbling a real basketball ball or use...
  • ...AUTO DRIBBLE mode to help you dribble easier. Touch the ball then let your finger on it to dribble, even when moving it.
  • Lost? First, follow the tutorial!
  • Dribble around objects
  • Dribble over objects to win bonus. 
  • Find the objects you can dribble on to win bonus
  • Spin the ball on your finger or throw the ball in the air to pass higher objects
  • Fill the dribble gauge and tap it to become invincible 
  • Never-ending level with randomly generated street elements
  • Share your score on online leaderboards (gamecenter, scoreloop)
  • Unlock tons of new balls! Dribble a ball having the colors of your favorite nba team. Yep! All teams from the nba have a corresponding ball ;)
  • News balls and street elements coming with updates
  • Don't want to wait to unlock your favorite ball? "In-App" purchase balls and unlock all existing balls as well as new ones coming in updates! (only on iOS)

Wherever you are you have a ball to dribble on your iOS or Android device.


This game can be YOUR game: feel free to contact me  (mail, twitter,...) to provide me with your feedback and ideas, I already made the game evolve a lot since the version 1.0 until the one of today!


Feel involved in the next version of the game (of course according to what I am able to implement ;) ), I want to make dribbling on mobile devices the dribbling you want! e.g. Auto-dribble is an uDribble player idea that has been communicated to me.



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